Our Experience

Our Experience in Biogas Digester Plant

In 2015, we first did our in-house design for CSTR biogas digester tank system. Currently it is running full swing in Pitas, Sabah. We get a 90% of BOD and COD reduction in the system. Now the maximum gas production can reach 1000NM3/ hour.

We have our own design bio-scrubber and gas moiture removal system for biogas cleaning. Our special designed root blower suitable to run on biogas which is highly acidic. We have our own design  biogas auto flaring system and boiler burner.


Our Experience in Biogas Engine Generator

We start our first biogas engine generator in 2012. The biogas engine is manufactured by China National Petroleum Corporation under Jinan brand. The generators are running and well maintained until today.

In 2015, we first start to package the gas engine generator ourselves for offshore platform which belong to Murphy SASA platform in Bintulu water. This package is using Waukesha H24CL bare engine, Leroy Somer LSA 47.2 Alternator, Woodward 2301E controller and ComAp power modules. We build the IP55 sound enclosure with 80dB(A)/1M and hydraulic engine starter as well. Besides, this enclosure also equipped with Fike watermist firefighting system and Honeywell gas leak detector system for safety reason.

In 2017, we package another biogas engine generator for swine farm in Taiwan, ROC. This package is using MAN E2842 bare engine and Motortech gas control system.


Our Experience in POME Water Treatment

The POME discharged from anaerobic digester will undergo our aeration system to further reduced the BOD. Our bio-microb aeration system further reduced the BOD another 80%. After the first step of aeration, POME will go to our second stage polishing to further reduced the BOD to below 20ppm. The sludge accumulated then will undergo slude dewatering system. This sludge dewatering system can significantly reduced the Suspend Solid content and make the POME meet the 50ppm DOE requirement.


Our Experience in Electrical and Control Monitoring

We design our electrical control panel and motor starter system with reliable electrical control. Our Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system monitor and control the power plant 24/7 with reliable MySQL databases. We also can remote access to our control system to do the first level of troubleshooting before our maintenance team move to the site.